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“I broke through what used to stop me progressing”. Would you like to grow your success and satisfaction in your working life through coaching?

Anne is a highly qualified and experienced psychological and executive coach who supports individuals to develop in the areas of work, well-being and leadership.

Many people find that there is one area at work where they feel they keep hitting a road block. Anne has worked successfully with individuals on issues such as:

  • feeling overwhelmed with work pressures;
  • difficulty getting the balance between home and work;
  • well-being issues such as health problems, exhaustion or being overweight
  • relationship conflict with a boss or a peer;
  • being overreactive to colleagues;
  • having difficulty managing difficult people;
  • feeling a lack of job satisfaction;
  • being overlooked for promotion;
  • returning to work after a serious illness;
  • being daunted by a new role as a leader.

However coaching isn’t just for when you’re challenged. Many successful people use it to raise their game to the next level – like a professional sports person might. For example, Anne has supported individuals in the first 90 days of a new job when it was critical for them to make an impact and create the right profile. Also she’s helped coachees to go beyond what they currently thought was possible for them.

How does coaching work:

You bring your understanding of your situation, challenges and aspirations; and readiness for change.

Anne brings her:

  • integrative coaching model developed through studying the major psychotherapeutic modalities as part of her Coaching Masters;
  • extensive experience of coaching individuals and executives over the last 10 years from 56 different nationalities and all walks of business;
  • her 17 years of Senior Sales and Marketing success in the corporate world.

But why would coaching include psychotherapeutic approaches? Most high-quality coaching learns from therapeutic wisdom however the difference is that with coaching you look at today and your future but you don’t dig into your past.

Working at relational depth, Anne offers a warm, non-judgemental, confidential and reflective space. Somewhere you can explore and understand yourself and the sources of any stuckness or the nature of possibilities. This may include considering outside forces, such as relationships, culture or organisational context, that may be having an impact on you. Collaboratively you then design safe experiments that allow you to explore, in your work environment, how a shift in your behaviour or perspective may change your experience and impact. Anne will then support you to distil this learning into new practices and habits that will embed your new developmental ‘muscle’.

Anne also works with coachees in the realm of transformational change and vertical development. Where developmental change comes not from learning a new skill but from expanding one’s perspective. This can create a new way to understand and relate to yourself, others and the web of organisational and cultural communities you inhabit. But why is this important? If the challenge you are facing is one dimensional and simple then there’s a good chance you can fix it yourself. Most areas where we get stuck in our work life are in our blind spot and call for a radically fresh approach.

Anne’s credentials:

  • Masters with Distinction in Psychological Coaching, Metanoia Institute
  • Eng. Hons. in Electronic Engineering
  • In fourth year of a BA Hons in Person Centred Counselling
  • She currently has counselling placements working with individuals recovering from cancer, bereavement and trauma
  • Student member of BACP
  • APECs Accredited Coach



‘Anne, I wanted to thank you for your support, patience and insights this year.  It has been really valuable to me, both professionally and personally.  Our sessions have been an oasis of peace, honesty and optimism.’

Natalie, Banking

‘What surprised me was that I could change so quickly. I expected that it would take 6 months and be too expensive and I wasn’t certain whether it would be worth it. In fact, I was surprised that it only took 8 sessions to make a major shift in how I was behaving.’

Laura, Owner of a Leisurewear Company

‘I would never have thought that the emotional gain would be as comprehensive as it has been as a result of my coaching with Anne. I am happier and more relaxed than I can ever remember. I have become exponentially more productive at work and now handle my everyday challenges with a new optimism and confidence. The strategies Anne teaches for achieving goals have accelerated my speed towards my goals despite the extensive goal achieving knowledge I already possessed. Anne is 100% committed to her work and she is incredibly intuitive. It is very obvious how passionate she is about helping people be the best they can be and I can’t express enough how grateful I am for her. I can recommend Anne without reservation as she has truly transformed my life.’

Sean, IT Industry

‘Working with Anne has been my first coaching experience, I was skeptical about the outcome as speaking about personal issues is not always easy.  I immediately felt comfortable in the conversation, it was not only about listening but also the fact that Anne was able to connect, understand my personality and open the environment in order to set my expectation and assist me where I needed. The thing I valued the most was the trusted environment that she was able to set, the ability to let me think out loud and give me some suggestion based on her experience. At the end I always had few action point I could put into practice, everything was related to my needs and her support helped me in putting things in the right perspective and focus on the things I needed the most. I feel that I’ve received much more than I expected, the journey was intense but I can say that I have learned something about myself.’

Alberto, Hotels Regional Manager

‘I have worked with Anne during the past 6 months and I truly enjoy all the coaching sessions with her. I think it is a gift that she is capable of create an open, trusted yet relaxed environment where I could freely discuss issues that are important to me in team management and personal growth. She asks the right questions that make me think more or even think again. I also like the balance of she giving recommendations coming from her good past experience vs. asking questions so I eventually understand what I should do for myself.’

Jun, General Manager

‘I work with Anne now for three years and she is one of the best executive coaches I have worked with. Anne has coached several senior managers and top talents at She has the capability to coach people from different backgrounds and nationalities. Anne has the talent to also coach people over long-distance using video conferencing and still have a high impact.’

Jeroen, Finance and Innovation

‘Anne is an outstanding Executive Coach. Her career coaching skills have helped me to drill down into the areas I needed to focus on. She is a truly inspiring Coach who helps people and organizations find their true calling and potential. Her ability to listen, guide and encourage is matched only by her dedication to helping each individual reach a place of personal strength and meaning.’ 

Alessandro, Customer Services

‘Anne was my coach, teacher and facilitator during my Masters journey.  Anne was consistently thoughtful, challenging and inspiring in every interaction I had with her. She consistently brought insight, experience and thought leadership, which was not only instrumental in helping me pass my Masters, it was also instrumental in helping me develop and execute on projects that drove significant value to my teams and my business. A great coach and a fantastic person.’

Paul, General Manager

Please feel free to contact Anne at xxx to arrange a ‘no cost’ chat to explore how coaching might support your desired outcomes.

Get in Touch:

If you would like to book an appointment with Anne, give us a call on 08001934551 today or send us an email You can arrange a "no-cost" chat with Anne to explore how coaching might support your desired outccomes. 

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