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Kaysha Thomas

Kaysha studied at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, London, for four years in order to achieve her Nutritional Therapy Diploma before graduating in 2010. In 2015, Kaysha decided to further develop her skill set by training with BASI Pilates UK. Now, Kaysha helps people heal their relationship with food and their body whilst using the power of Pilates and Nutrition to help increase their performance. Kaysha is a lifelong learner and is currently studying for a Master of Science in Sports & Exercise Nutrition and CISSN (Certified Sports Nutritionist of the International Society for Sports Nutrition).


Nutritional Therapy

Balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can transform your ability to perform in any situation. With Kaysha's evidence-based, life-changing nutrition coaching, you'll work together to help you develop healthy habits that will become second nature and last a lifetime. Kaysha's goal is to empower you with all the knowledge and motivation you need until you can fly on your own.


During your nutritional therapy consultation, Kaysha will learn about your lifestyle, needs, and specific goals with her Nutritional Therapy Questionnaire. She will go through this in detail in your first consultation. Kaysha will also assess your health history, eating habits, food preferences and lifestyle. This will help her to develop your nutritional plan.


Support includes:


Tailor-made dietary, lifestyle and goal plan

Meal and recipe ideas appropriate for your programme

Ideas for dietary support to help reach your goals


Note: Supplements and tests are an additional cost and will only be recommended where necessary.


Restorative Pilates

Kaysha has developed a holistic restorative Pilates practice that is focused on creating an active mind-body connection. Restorative Pilates focuses on the breath and helps us stretching and unwind to release any necessary tension. As we gently work to stretch your body in all planes of movement, you will be invited to pay attention to what is happening in your body. Pilates is a wonderful tool that can help you slow down and help your body move in a more functional way.


The benefits of Pilates go way beyond the mat. Benefits of Pilates include:


Increased flexibility

Increased circulation

Improved mood

Reduced stress

Low impact; easy on the body

Reduced back pain and tension


Please contact Kaysha for more information including arranging a consultation, availability and fees at kaysha@tree-of-life-clinic.com.

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