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Katherine Elks

Most of us can experience difficulties in life and feel less able to cope - it can be overwhelming, lonely and frightening.  Katherine offers a non-judgmental and supportive relationship to enable each client to work at a pace and depth that suits them. She has experience of both long and short term work with a range of client issues, ages, ethnicities and cultures.  Katherine’s work as a therapist is enriched by her background in education and she has extensive understanding and experience of supporting teenagers and their families. It was the experience of seeing young people in various states of emotional distress that prompted her decision to retrain. Katherine passionately believes that early and appropriate support for young people can enable them to lead happy and fulfilled lives. 


In addition Katherine has considerable experience in working with clients following bereavement which can be a particularly difficult time for many of them as they come to terms with their loss and attempt to move on with their lives.


It can sometimes be very difficult to talk to friends and family, we often fear their rejection or judgement or we protect them by not sharing our innermost feelings.  It can also sometimes be true that modern lifestyles are simply too busy to find the right opportunity.  Katherine offers a confidential counselling service and aims to support you in exploring whatever issues you wish to talk about. The talking therapy sessions can provide an environment and opportunity for self-discovery.  At the start of the process, clients can sometimes feel overwhelmed, helpless and that change is impossible.  However, Katherine’s firm belief and experiences, her own and those of her clients, is that self-acceptance and personal growth are achievable. 

Please do contact Katherine at the clinic for an exploratory session.


Please contact Katherine for more information including arranging a consultation, availability and fees at katherine@tree-of-life-clinic.com.

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